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Helpful NYC Winter Travel Tips & Packing Advice for a Storybook Stay

About 3 month(s) ago by MediaConnect
Helpful NYC Winter Travel Tips & Packing Advice for a Storybook Stay

Enjoy a Snowy Storybook Vacation w/ NYC Winter Travel Tips

You've seen magical movies and photos of winter in New York City. Quiet, snowy streets. Ice skaters twirling under the skyline. Skyscrapers dusted with fluffy white flakes. While all these seasonal delights may very well welcome you to NYC, winter vacations come with a fair share of obstacles as well. None of them are major, but you'll want to be aware of a few insider secrets that every New Yorker employs to get through the Big City cold.


Always Dress in Layers

This is paramount. Trains, buses, stores, and restaurants all boast mighty heaters, meaning you'll want to be able to remove your big, bulky coat, maybe even the sweater beneath it. More layers also allow the often-arctic wind fewer places to sneak in. Think of NYC as a network of canyons cut by towering buildings. The effect of such is that turning a corner might feel like walking into a wind tunnel. Coats with buttons and zippers, as well as high collars are optimal. Couple that with a hat that covers your ears, scarf to fill in any gaps, gloves, watertight / slip-resistant boots, and thick socks. Beneath it all, long underwear makes a perfect base. From there, add layers according to thickness and style, keeping the thinner, less attractive ones closer to your body.


When in Doubt, Follow the Locals

If the snow is really coming down, pick a person who seems confident in their path and follow them. They're sure to keep a safe distance from taxis that might splash them with freezing water, icy patches, and dreaded "black" puddles that practically swallow people whole.


Gotham's Iconic Ice Skating Rinks

Now that you're ready for anything nature might throw at you, where can you go for that storybook ice skating scene? Three rinks stand out as true winter landmarks in NYC, including:

  • The Rink at Rockefeller Center (600 5th Avenue)
  • Wollman Rink in Central Park (830 5th Avenue)
  • Bryant Park Winter Village (6th Avenue & 40th Street)
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