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One of the World's Best Fashion Blogs - NYC to Shanghai in "Kayture"

About 1 year(s) ago by MediaConnect
One of the World's Best Fashion Blogs - NYC to Shanghai in

“Kayture” Ranks Among the World’s Hottest Fashion Blogs

Style-savvy trendsetters know that fashion defines us. It’s the easiest – and hardest – way to express who we are to the rest of the world. That’s why fashion / travel blogs like “Kayture” are so important, marrying influences from runways and streets across the globe with bold personal choices in artful looks that are universally accessible. Basically, groundbreaking blogger Kristina Bazan and her partner James Chardon have created a gorgeously human outpost on the web for anyone who’s passionate about looking like their best selves to consult as they plan their wardrobe. Featured topics include everything from travel tips for NYC and fashion capitals around the world, to advice on the best accessories for a night on the town.


NOMO SOHO’s Blogger of the Month

On a recent trip to Manhattan this November, Ms. Bazan treated us to the opportunity of hosting here at NOMO SOHO. It seems she was as delighted about her stay as we were to have her, posting pictures of the view from her room, breakfast in bed, and a beautiful expression of her love for NYC. In person, her kindness and impeccable style were even more radiant than they are on her award-winning blog. For all these reasons, she’s our favorite Blogger of the Month for December 2015.


From Switzerland to NYC & Shanghai

Since its launch in 2011, Kayture has enjoyed a whirlwind of success, including the prestige of being the “most influential blog in Switzerland,” where Ms. Bazan grew up. Today, she travels from fashion shows to photo shoots and high-end events in trendy hotspots like Barcelona, Cannes, Dubai, Geneva, India, Milan, Tokyo, and Vienna, just to name a few.

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