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"Hamilton" on Broadway isn't the Show of a Lifetime, but a Generation

About 4 month(s) ago by MediaConnect

The Hottest Ticket in NYC is Hamilton on Broadway



Richard Rodgers Theatre

226 West 46th Street



Through Nov 5th, 2017





There's a reason the question on every New Yorker's tongue is "Have you seen Hamilton?" It's the first thing Mayor Bloomberg inquires of his guests, Jay-Z asks his out-of-town friends, and Broadway fans ask each other when discussing the best Broadway show of their lifetime. Roundly renowned by nearly every respected theater critic in the country - while being sold out nearly a year in advance - it wouldn't even be a reach to call it the defining musical of a generation.


The Show That Changed Musicals Forever

So, what makes it so good? It's the radically fresh way the story of America's founding fathers is told - presented by weaving today's slang-laced vernacular into radio-worthy rap, hip-hop and R&B songs. Not only that, the inspired decision to cast young men of color in the roles of caucasian leaders drives home a stirring central theme that the United States has always been a nation of immigrants, and a product of the inherently rebellious spirit of freedom. It's a rousing take on American History, to say the least.


Can't Get Tickets? Enter the Daily Lottery

Because the show is practically sold out through mid-August 2017, Hamilton offers 21 front-row seats (as well as some occasional standing room) for just $10 apiece to winners of a daily digital lottery. To enter, simply submit your information on the date you wish to attend - between 9-11am for matinées, 12-4pm for evenings with a midday show, and 9am-4pm on dates with an evening performance only. Winners are emailed shortly after the lottery closes, at which time they have 60 minutes to purchase up to two tickets - just don't forget to bring your winning ID to the theater, a 20-minute subway ride from NoMo SoHo.

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