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New Year's Eve in Times Square Promises an Epic End to 2016

About 4 month(s) ago by MediaConnect
New Year's Eve in Times Square Promises an Epic End to 2016

Kickoff 2017 with a Wild New Year's Eve in Times Square

Over a billion people around the world watch the ball drop every year, upwards of one million in person. Packed shoulder to shoulder in the heart of Manhattan for a cold night of star-studded concerts, fireworks, and 2,000lbs of confetti raining down - a Times Square New Year's Eve is something everyone should do at least once.


What's the Ball Made of?

At the center of the world's most famous New Year's party is the "Big Times Square New Year's Eve Ball." What began in 1907 as a five-foot iron and wood ball with 100 light bulbs on it has become the stuff of legends. Today, it measures 12 feet in diameter, weighs almost six tons, and is covered in 2,688 Waterford Crystal triangles. As for the lights, 25-watt incandescents have been replaced with 32,256 LEDs, capable of creating a nearly infinite array of swirling patterns and colors.


Where to Watch it Drop

At roughly 6pm, the iconic ball is raised atop the building, One Time Square (where it sits perched all year). The best views of its descent are from "The Bowtie," where Broadway crosses 7th Avenue, on Broadway up to 50th Street, or all the way to 59th Street on 7th Avenue.


Helpful Advice for Revelers

"First come, first served." This is the rule of thumb when it comes to claiming top real estate to see the ball fall at midnight. The police don't close streets until the crowds get thick enough, and then they're closed in sections. If you leave yours, you can't get back in. That means you'll want to feast accordingly beforehand and plan on no public restrooms. Other things to remember are to dress in warm, weatherproof layers, wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, thick socks, arrive no later than 3pm for a prime spot, and definitely take the subway - just a 20-minute ride from NoMo SoHo.

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