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The New York Film Festival for Independent Films & Rising Stars

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The New York Film Festival for Independent Films & Rising Stars

A Truly Indie New York Film Festival



NYC Independent Film Festival



Producer's Club

358 W 44th Street



April 27th-May 1st



VIP Pass - $275

Daily Pass - $38.50-$55

Individual Screenings - $15


If you love movies, you've probably noticed that "independent" is a description that gets tossed around a lot today, all too often wrongly applied to multi-million dollar vanity projects by celebrity A-listers. Even formerly indie-minded festivals like Sundance have become overrun by these imposters. In response to this unfortunate usurping of the term, the 7th Annual NYC Independent Film Festival celebrates truly indie projects from international moviemakers with an unparalleled passion for cinema. So if you're looking for fun, artful things to do in New York City this month, snag yourself an all-access VIP Pass, sit back and enjoy the visionary voices onscreen at the Producer's Club, April 27th through May 1st - just 20 minutes from our hotel.


Top-Notch Features, Shorts, Animation, & Music Videos

Altogether, upwards of 120 international features, short films, animated pieces, and music videos will be screened during the five-day festival. While all of these promise incredible work, the always mind-blowing Animation and Music Video Programs are not to be missed. Here's a quick guide to these and other hot tickets:

  • Short Films Family Session - April 27th at 3pm, Theater S
  • Animation #1 - April 28th at 3pm, Theater G
  • Friday Night Music Videos - April 29th at 10:30pm, Theater C
  • Short Comedy Sketches - April 30th at 2pm, Theater S
  • Animation #2 - April 30th at 8:45pm, Theater G
  • Saturday Night Music Videos - April 30th at 10:45pm, Theater G
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